Our Story

We were inspired...
It started with baby George.

We were looking at the beautiful professional photos of my brother’s new baby, (George, my amazing nephew) when we came up with the idea for Burnt Rose Studio. Created by professional printers (which is what my father’s company does), we thought it would be interesting to take these professional photos and print them on wood. But, I (that’s me – Julia) took it another step further and engraved some of the photos in wood; the result was incredible. The detail and texture in photos came alive in the wood. And so, after many rounds of etched, engraved, and printed on wood photos and, not to mention, meetings with photographers, Burnt Rose Studio began.

Considering our expertise is rooted in the corporate branding and print world, we have been learning pretty fast. My team and I occupy a small spot in a bigger company but have access to some of the most amazing equipment in the industry. It is how we create the detailed and unique work we do.

Explore our services and products to see how we can do this for you and your clients.

If you are a professional photographer please contact us to create an account or give us a call at 215-771-6569. 

Baby George