About Us

About Us

As a little girl I grew up in the print world. Little did I know I was going to end up in it. 

As time pasted my older brother had  his first baby.  I was so overwhelmed  with this little one and then I saw the photos they had taken by a professional photographer. I was so shocked to see how the baby was placed and how beautiful everything looked. I knew from that moment that I needed to be in this industry somehow. I took the time to do some researching. What do photographers want? What do they need? How do I get into this industry? I knew I did not want to take these images myself. I knew I would not have the patience like these photographers do. 

So I decided to play. I got the go ahead from the photographers and started to try everything I could to create the most beautiful durable products. I went out and bought every wood type you could imagine, I ordered samples of different print materials, and I learned. I learned about the grain in the wood and how the grain would effect the image or material. I learned about how the wood might warp and  what causes it to warp. I learned about the best printers for photos and how it changes the way the image looks from the screen to the printer. And that is what I did for months. I learned and created. I recreated and learned.  That is all I could do as I kept notes about do’s and don’ts. 

In 2018 after a several months of educating myself, I figured it was time to make this into an actual business. I started to create social media and found help to create the website. I had no idea that the files were so big and how long it would take to create a site to get these files to me when photographers ordered. I was amazed but we eventually figured it out. 

Still learning day by day Burnt Rose Studio  provides professional photographers with high quality wood products. We use the best machines to create all of our products. We continue to grow and achieve more than we could of imagined as we strive to be the best in our industry.

If you are a professional photographer please contact us to create and account or give us a call at 215-771-6569.